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Liaison Liability

Quotable outtakes


That wasn’t a risk here. She could do whatever she wanted with whoever she chose, with no chance of ever meeting the guy again.


“Em.” He pulled away, snuffled his nose in her hair. “Damn. It’s still not enough.”

It wasn’t. Probably never would be, since she had to board a helicopter in just fifteen minutes. Judging by the hard-on pressed between them, he could definitely do with some more.

“I know,” she murmured against his chest. “But I think that’s part of the mystique of the program, right? Leaving at the top of the game, before the excitement begins to fade.” At least, she hoped this was a normal feeling. If she’d fallen for a complete stranger based on the few talks—the strongly discouraged talks—they’d had this weekend, and the amazing sex…well, then. She might be up for Idiot Woman of the Year.


“Oh,” she said. Damn. She shook her head. Now wasn’t a good time to pinch herself, but maybe she’d snap out of this delusion soon. She coughed. “Hello. I’m…” Double damn. Now he’d know her full name. No way of avoiding it, though, if she was going to get through this meeting. And maybe this guy was only a very good doppelganger for her Jay. Considering the name similarity, though… “Emily Burgess. With Em’s Temps.” Willing her racing heart to slow the fuck down, she held out her hand for a formal shake.

He cocked his head to the side, those green eyes so familiar. “Nice to meet you. Jase Jones.” They shook hands, his hand warm, strong…smooth. So very, very capable of making her scream.


 “Can I interest you in lunch, to celebrate our new business relationship?”

Not a freaking chance in hell. “I’m afraid I’ll have to take a raincheck.” She forced her most professional voice. “I have three other appointments in the area today.”

“I see.” He pulled an engraved pen from its stand on the corner of his desk. “No doubt with other managers you plan to woo.” As he signed the contract, he nearly pressed the ink pen through the paper. And on the second copy, the page actually tore.

Uh. Was he pissed professionally because he wasn’t the only hotel account she intended to sign, or… She fought the urge to fan herself. The idea of Jay—Jase—being jealous, caveman-y, made her want to climb into his desk chair with him. With effort, she made herself recall that night at the election debate when Ted Kettle brought up her sexcapades with an “employee” in front of all those interested voters. The things she’d done with Jase, and where she’d gone to do them, could never, ever go public.


She muffled her usual cries against his neck, clutched him like there was no tomorrow.

There would be tomorrow. But first there’d be tonight.

And right now? Right now, he’d hold her and memorize every feel, every taste and smell.


Dating. Ugh. The word sent a sick feeling zinging through her gut.

But the thought of giving Jase the brush-off? Cold, heavy dread.

The memory of her hand in his shorts right here in her office? Hot, pulsing desire.

Well, okay then. Jase was right. She absolutely did want to see him again. And not in some cold, sterile hotel room, or one of their offices, where they had to conceal the sounds of their passion. By the time they were done tonight, every room in her townhouse would be branded with scorching memories.



Yeah, it was kinda like meeting for the first time. “Hi yourself. Ready to go out and let the authorities know we’re ditching their rules?”

“Breakin’ the law,” she said in raspy tone. “Let’s do it.” Arm hooked through his, she led the way to the door.

Outside the room was much brighter, but not uncomfortably so. Nothing he’d seen at Fantasy Mountain caused discomfort or gave the impression of anything less than five-star luxury. Em’s perfume, and her other smell—the “Em” scent—wafted back to him as she hotfooted it down the hallway, pulling him by the arm. In the better light, he could see how shiny her hair was, not just dark, but glossy-black, and halfway down to her tight little ass, which was no problem to look at in those yoga pants. When she rounded the corner to an elevator bank, he all but ran into her.

“Excuse me? Miss…uh. Mister… Hold up, please,” a guy called out from behind them. “You’re all finished with your date?”

Jase turned to face the flustered resort staffer who’d helped him into his assigned room. “Yes, we’re all done. Thanks.”

“Um. You realize Blind Daters don’t normally…fraternize afterward.” The guy pushed his glasses up.

“It’s alright, Keegan.” That was a woman’s voice, a woman certain of her authority. “Thanks.”

Keegan nodded and took off down the hall.

Em stood looking awestruck at none other than Victoria West. Grant. Whichever she went by.

“I’m assuming you two have a certain chemistry you’d like to enjoy a bit longer.” Ms. West-Grant looked at them for a couple of long, thoughtful seconds, causing a tiny wrinkle between her reddish brows. “In the event you’d like to continue enjoying it past tomorrow afternoon, just call my extension and I’ll see to re-matching your next blind dates.” She handed a business card to Em.

“Thank you.” Em blushed, looked his way, then back at their hostess. “I hope it doesn’t cause too much trouble?”

“Pleasure is the point of your visit, after all,” Ms. West-Grant assured them. “Sometimes we want things we didn’t expect. Or in quantities we didn’t foresee.” She tucked a stray wisp of strawberry blond hair behind her ear. “If you’d like to visit any other scenarios on the property, just check online to see whether it’s booked for an exclusive event. If not, you’re welcome to make use of any facilities.”

He instantly pictured Em bent over in First Class, and his boner refreshed.

“Thanks. It’s nice to meet you,” he managed. Wow. The lady really knew how to run a high-caliber place.

“Likewise.” She graced them with a warm smile. “In the event you need sustenance, room service is available at any time.”

When the proprietor had left, the elevator dinged and they went in. Em pressed the button for the third floor and up they went. Looked like, to her room. Well, he had an out, if he wanted one. Lots easier to leave than to tactfully get someone else to leave.

“Wow,” Em said, fanning herself with her hand. “I’m a little starstruck. She’s just so…wildly successful. I’m an entrepreneur too, and she’s like a role model for women in business everywhere.” They exited the elevator and headed down the corridor.

“You own a sex resort, too?” he asked teasingly. “When can I book a trip?”

She punched his bicep without missing a step. “I have a small business. Well, really small, compared to Fantasy Mountain.”

He held his silence instead of asking for more info, since that was against the rules.

“My friend Brandi says I’m a head hunter.” She shrugged. “I guess. Just not for high profile positions. What do you do?” She clapped her hand over her mouth. “Sorry. I forgot.”

She stopped in front of a door and punched in her numeric code to open it. Such a look of concentration on her face…hmm. A familiar face. Or was it?

The lock hummed open and they went in.

“It’s amazing, the way Fantasies, Inc. has grown,” Em said as she turned on lights. “Seems like she’s done everything right. Well, except marrying her employee and business partner. I can’t say that was smart. But otherwise…”

He moved closer to her. Time to quit talking. Maybe he’d distract her with some contact. In a minute. “Could be she was smart, marrying someone who has the same interests as her, someone as invested in the business.”

She palmed his pecs. “Mixing business interests and your love life is never good. Trust me. I learned that the hard way, and almost lost everything.” She slid her hands along his neck, rubbed his chin through his beard with her thumbs. “Which is why I’m here. No chance of mixing the two.”

“Hmm. What if I wanted to hire you, to…say, find a job for me?” He kneaded her fine little ass.

She shook her head, maintained eye contact. “Already done. I know of two openings you’d be perfect for.” One hand remained against his jaw, while with the other she caressed his cock. “Which one would you like to try out first?”

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