A Fireman for Christmas

Every fireman knows the value of a controlled burn...


One more Christmas lusting after her older brother’s best friend? Timi might lose her mind. Fed up with family holidays, she rents a cabin for one, planning a Christmas escape with her drawings. But after numerous sketches turn out to be her rendition of Clay in the Hottest Firemen Calendar, she realizes location is just a technicality.


Fireman Clay can’t imagine spending Christmas without Timi around to ogle. Hearing she’s holed up in a lovers’ retreat, he can’t resist seeking her out. This year, he’s determined to start a fire and claim the gift he’s always wanted.



"Great story. Keeps your attention and is fun to read. I recommend it. No spoilers. read the blurb. It is exciting, enjoyable, emotional and so much more." ~ Amazon reviewer

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