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Love-n-Trouble series


Lone Star Trouble

One tough rancher-girl plus one hot cowboy adds up to trouble.


Kiersten Day hates all things Texan – including and especially one CJ Howell. The cattle rancher gone real estate mogul has set his sights on her tiny Colorado ranch, trying every dirty trick in the book to make her sell. When his manager stoops to threatening her, Kiersten prepares for the fight of her life. Enter Cleve: tall, handsome good-guy, who she falls flat on her Texas-hating face for. The problem? Cleve is Howell’s son, and doesn’t believe his father is behind all the sinister things happening to her. How could he be the offspring of the monster she’s been battling?


Cleve never imagined love could be so complicated. Of all the girls he could fall for, it had to be one bent on hating men. Kiersten is the only person who’s ever stood up to his father’s Texan guerrilla business tactics—and won! She’s possibly pregnant, oblivious to her best friend mooning over her, determined to keep the family ranch despite increasing threats, and the prettiest little thing he’s laid eyes on. It just couldn’t be easy, could it?


Content warning: A hot cowboy, an overprotective grandpa, a meddling BFF with his own love-life troubles, a woman set to win the battle no matter the cost, and frequent use of cowboy four-letter “French” words.




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Trouble Won't Wait

Good things may come to those who wait, but trouble waits for no one…


Cheating is a dealbreaker...or so Mandy has always thought. But when she catches her husband getting some “strange,” she realizes how hard it is to cut and run, or even file papers. She agrees to a month of counseling, which will give her time to grieve the loss of her marriage before she has to tell the world—and the kids. Then she meets Adam, who gives her a hunky, if mysterious, shoulder to cry on, and that thirty-day waiting period seems like an eternity.


Adam has no problem confessing that he’s watched Mandy from his window for months as she runs by his house. If he told her why, though, she’d freak out for sure. He knows they’ve got a future together, if he can think of a way to explain his past. And he’s sure the rat-bastard who cheated on her is putting the moves on her again, but he won’t be the revenge guy. The month-long cooling off period she agreed to is lasting forever, and might just be indefinite, if trouble keeps getting in their way.


CONTENT WARNING: Eccentric old lady pushing salt-of-the-earth advice, bossy big brother, kooky counselor, super-secretive hunk, and perfect justice served amidst adult situations and language.




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Ripe for Trouble (novella)

He’s the mistake she always wanted to make … and now is her chance.

Ivy Leeds, high school valedictorian and president of the Brainiac Club, never fit in to her little hometown of Rifle, Colorado. Pretty and smart, but painfully shy, she hid behind an icy facade. Until the disastrous prom night when she tried to give it up to her secret crush, bad boy Ridley Tucker … only to be turned down.


She’s back in town with a degree from Yale, her dream job in publicity, and new confidence in herself as a woman. But will all this protect her heart when she meets the adult--and even sexier--version of Ridley … and learns the show she’ll be producing for reality TV is centered around his custom cycle shop?


Ridley Tucker, a boy who hid his alcoholic parents’ neglect behind a tough façade, has come up in the world in a big way. Instead of scoring with every pretty woman he meets, he’s the owner of a lucrative business, and single dad to little RJ. But he still likes to knock a few back with his buddies, and have a few laughs. It just figures that the time they try to outdo each other with raunchy pickup lines, he’ll find Ivy ‘League’ is back in town, and listening in. 


She looks even better than she did that night at Prom, but now she won’t give him the time of day. Until the night they let old friends egg them on in a drinking contest, and end up together in the hottest night of their lives. They’re both ripe for a fall … but will the landing hurt them both, or be the start of something wonderful?


WARNING: A reformed bad boy can heat up that high school flame into a combustion suitable for adults only.



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Undercover Trouble

Some love lasts a long time, some a lifetime. Can theirs outlast space-time?


Randi’s summer vacation plans? Attending Professor Sudo’s Time Travel Academy so she can blast back to 1980 Miami and figure out where her father disappeared to. She’s the head of her class until hottie Mitch arrives disguised as a geeky geologist and totally messes up her meditation. Goodbye Soulful in Sedona, hello Yearning in Yoga. So long solo time-travel, hello pushy partner--who happens to be a buff tri-athlete, a sympathetic listener, and an ace FBI agent on a secret mission. With his help, she’ll conga her way into the Cuban mafia, try not to destroy the delicate fabric of the space-time continuum, dodge a few bullets, and solve The Mystery of the Missing Dad. And maybe fall just a little in love…


A new adventure in romantic comedy, with a heroine who boldly goes where no chick has gone before, tons of danger and intrigue, a roller-discoing Granny, life and death betrayal, steamy Miami nights and one hot FBI agent.



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Cover StoryFinal-344x550.jpg

Cover Story

He’s a rock legend … she’s just a face in the crowd—but their secret past is about to be uncovered.

Once, good girl Cara Carter rebelled in a wild Las Vegas night with teen idol Brady. Convinced that she could never be enough for him, she ran home to family responsibilities, covering her tracks. Now he’s a rock legend with a past as wild as his music, and she’s just a nobody—a florist in Nowhere, Utah with a steady, responsible boyfriend who rocks out only to ‘air guitar’.


But when Brady’s anti-drug tour makes a stop in her hometown, Cara’s quiet world is rocked to the core. He announces he’s dropping the tour to stay and spend time getting reacquainted. What if the sexy, charismatic rock star uncovers her wounded heart all over again?


Brady has secrets of his own. His night with Cara meant more than she knew, and when she disappeared, he slid into a heartsick tailspin, nearly wrecking his career. Now he’s rock steady, but he has people who guard his well-being, and they want Cara at a safe distance. To keep her close, he hires her to design the cover for his new album.


When covers are ripped wide open and secrets explode around them, will the future they’re building be strong enough to stand on their past?



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