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Meet my cowboys

Cash is a ranch hand with a reputation as a player, who has just been thrown into a compromising position with the boss's daughter.

Logan is a rancher by day, and lead singer in a popular local band at night, whose dreams of making it big could cost him dearly.

Colby is a rodeo cowboy who drank too much during a poker game and now isn't sure what he got into, but he knows it's dangerous.

Colin is back on the family ranch after messing up his shot at college, with a strict warning from his dad to stay the heck away from women. Only problem is, his best friend Violet wants him to give him lessons in the one thing he aced in college: sex.

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Cowboy Trouble (A Rocky Peak novella)

She’s decided to make some bad choices this weekend.


Susie Howell has always done what her family expects of her, but they don’t know about the divorce papers she’s just signed (or the secret torch she carries for sexy ranch hand Cash). When keeping the secret gets to her, she flees her brother’s wedding reception. Determined to live a little, she swipes the nearest truck from the ranch and heads to Sin City.


Cash Acosta has worked hard for everything he has, and nobody is taking off with his truck. When he sees it driving away, he jumps in—and becomes the unwilling passenger of a ready and willing woman he’s forbidden to touch. Hell-bent for trouble, the boss’s daughter has already earmarked him as one of her “bad choices”.


And Susie intends to get what she wants.



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Rock-n-Roll Cowboy (novella length)

Never judge a rock band by its cover song.

A cowboy leading a rock band? Logan gets an earful from his dad every time he leaves the house to perform. His rock persona destroys his ranching cred with the old-timers, and sticking to the cowboy life instead of running off to Hollywood cost him his girlfriend. Yet, he dreams of success in both worlds, and he’s determined to find a way.

Melody agrees to run a publicity campaign for a local rock band, fully immune to the sexy lead singer’s magnetism—she had childhood experience with a rocker’s absences. Still, Logan is charming, and vulnerable. And persistent…

Logan can tell Melody’s PR plan is his passport to popularity. He has to keep his hands off her, or he just might blow his one shot at making it big.



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Cowboy In Trouble (novella)

A cowboy on the run and a girl on the rebound make for a messy fling.


Colby may be having the worst day ever. He wakes up at gunpoint, “hired” by a stranger to do a new job he doesn’t want. Worried the load he’s hauling is contraband, he walks off the job once he’s out of sight of his new employer. Running may not be his best plan, but he needs time to find a way out of this mess.


Delta’s day starts off rough when her pickup stalls on the side of the road. Lucky for her, a handsome cowboy comes along and works mechanical magic on the poor old truck. They strike a deal: he’ll help her out around the farm in exchange for a place to lay low for a few days. He turns out to be handy in all the right ways. A real keeper…not that she’s interested in keeping a man right now. She can afford a rebound fling, but nothing more.


Besides, once Colby gets rid of the crime boss breathing down his neck, he’ll hit the trail. A rodeo circuit cowboy from Oklahoma wouldn’t want to stick around on a little farm in Colorado. Or would he?



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Keep Calm and Cowboy (Novella)

In second grade, he asked her to be his girlfriend. She said yes, and that was the end of that.

Keep calm and help a girl out:

Fourteen years of friendship later, Colin relishes living up to his reputation as a player, until fooling around takes priority over his grades. Losing his scholarship gets him booted out of college and lands him back home on the ranch with some strongly worded advice from his dad about staying away from women. Speaking of women, though… He’s barely ever noticed his childhood pal Violet is female, let alone one he’d like to get horizontal with, but now that he’s back, he can’t seem to think of anything else.

Keep calm and learn from the best:

When none of her relationships move past first base, Violet knows she’s doing something wrong. Lucky for her, Colin the Casanova is back in town. He seems like a natural choice to tutor her, until she realizes he’s the only guy she’s ever wanted to get physical with. Too bad they agreed they’ll go back to being friends once her final exam is over.


Openly dating would destroy both of their reputations and break up their group of friends, so they have to finish this ride through the last lesson, then keep calm and cope. 



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