Trouble Won't Wait

“Piper had me within the first paragraph. I started reading this at late at night and couldn’t let go of the story. Mandy is ‘every woman.’ She is approachable, she has flaws, and she tries to be a better person. …had a few laugh out loud moments, a lot of stomach churning “how can that happen moments” and lots of ups and downs. I will definitely check out Autumn Piper’s other works.”—Night Owl Reviews


“I was captivated from the moment I started and didn’t want to stop. Can there be something on the other side of this, perhaps something better? …a look at infidelity, the havoc it wreaks and life during and after. For those who like their fiction viable, I highly recommend it.”

Manic Readers


“…the story was full of emotion and feelings from the characters. The author did a wonderful job of pulling this reader into the midst of what was going on and keeping my attention until the very end.  …the author's writing talent is superb and the story itself very well written.”

Long and Short Reviews


The plot of this novel is full of emotional ups and downs and wonderfully realistic characters. There is humor as well as pathos and Mandy is a strong woman that the reader can both sympathize with and admire.

Maura, Coffee Time Romance and More



I snap the phone shut.

Adam pats my back.

I’m feeling a little proud, and a lot sick. A wicked combination of nerves, exhaustion and barely eating has me shaking, my heart racing, legs suddenly weak.

“Hey, you okay?” Adam’s voice is soft, worried.

I can only nod. If I speak I’ll be sick all over my shoes. After a minute or so, I’m not lightheaded anymore, and stand. God, how embarrassing, to go all weak in front of him!

“You’re pale.” He strokes my cheek with his fingertips. I must look awful, but he seems concerned, not disgusted. “You’re freezing. Come on.” He leads me toward his house.

Halfway to his back gate, it comes to me: I cannot go in there, not in this mood.

“Adam. Hold on.”

He stops and faces me.

I press my eyes with the heels of my hands. “Do you want to be my revenge?”

His laugh is warm, lusty. “Would there be opportunity for advancement? A possibility for a permanent position?”

“Probably not at this point. Revenge would be a temp position only.”

“Then, no. I’ll keep arms’ reach away from you, Scout’s honor.”

Arms’ reach, rather than arms’ length… Freudian slip?