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Thanks so much for stopping by. With bajillions of places on the web to visit, I'm honored you're here.

This site is all about women's fiction, readers and writers, anything romance-related, and things of general interest to women.

(If you're a dude and you thought Autumn Piper had something to do with fall plumbing, you probably won't be terribly impressed, and might like the Home Depot site better.)



Women's fiction includes several sub-genres marketed toward female readers, such as mainstream fiction, romance, chick-lit, lady-lit, and mom-lit. The genre also includes romantic suspense, sci-fi, or paranormal. Basically, if you or a gal-pal would like it, then it's women's fiction.

Like a nice, long bath, women's fiction offers an escape, a few moments to yourself - time out from life's mayhem. Those famous "Calgon moments" are more than a cliche' - they're a necessity for those of us who want to stay sane (or at least appear that way to the outside world). Who couldn't use a mini-reality-break with a sweet ending?

Many of my stories bend "the rules" of traditional romantic fiction, or flat-out ignore them. Some of my heroines are young, single women, whereas others are mothers or recently divorced. Some of my lead gals are tough as nails, others need an alpha guy to sweep them off their feet, and a couple are confused and trying like hell to make the best of a tough situation. Whatever the case, you can count on a happy ending for my characters. Because they deserve it. Don't we all?

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My books

Can be categorized into two "series": My Love-n-Trouble series, and the Cowboys. Some have characters carry over from one book to another, while others stand alone. Many are set in my hometown of Rifle, Colorado. I’m a small-town girl who has done her time in the cities (Houston, Tulsa, L.A.), but I prefer things local and friendly. That being said, I get a real kick out of movies and books that make fun of little towns, rural communities, or city slickers who just can’t cut it in a tight-knit village (My Cousin Vinny, Runaway Bride). I’m also a firm believer that, next to church, the beauty shop is the best place in town learn what’s going on.

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Meet my Cowboys

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