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Cover Story


"I really, really enjoyed this book.…It was well written and well edited. Autumn Piper knows how to tell a story and keep you interested." 


"I loved this story! The writing was fantastic and the characters! The characters were wonderfully written. I really liked Brady. He was a kind person and very sensitive. It was easy to see the strong feelings he had for Cara. Cara was a caring woman, always helping others but never going after what she wanted or even thinking about what she wanted. They seemed like an odd match with Brady being so outgoing on stage and Cara so comfortable to stay in the shadows. I especially liked that it wasn't a typical rock star story with groupies and drugs all the time. The beginning of the book did start with Brady being a rock star but then it jumped to 9 years later where most of the story takes place.
I'm so glad I got the opportunity of reading and reviewing this fabulous book and highly recommend it."


"This book was excellent and very hard to put down. I came home from work and started reading and I had to keep on reading when I finished I looked up at the time and it was 3 am in the morning and I thought it was earlier than that!!!" 


"I really enjoyed the storyline here. It was refreshing, easy to follow, sexy and funny. I liked the characters development and how they flowed so well with each other. Ms. Piper did an awesome job in creating this wonderful book. Autumn, Mahalo (thank you) for taking your time with your wonderful gift and sharing it with us."

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“We got rooms.” He interrupted her attempted escape into Neverland. “Over at the Arches Inn.”

They probably got the suites. Archie would be in hog heaven, since he only ever rented those rooms on wedding nights. “Just for tonight?”

Brady shrugged, his upper lip curled a little. “Good to see you, too, Cara. Why you in such a hurry to get rid of me?”

“I didn’t mean it like…” Well, maybe she did. Wasn’t that Skip’s gray Silverado turning into the parking lot? “I just thought, you know, you had another stop on your tour to get to.”

He nodded again, but his smile had disappeared. “Think maybe I’ll take a break. REDI can send Van Halen or one of the Poison guys out to the next school. I kinda feel like holing up and composing.”

Yes, that was Skip’s truck. It had parked, and he’d be coming over soon.

“Oh. Well, that’s nice. We’ll, um, see you around maybe?”

Brady stared back at her. He shook his head, looked down, and scuffed his soaking shoe against the cement. “What the hell.” When his eyes met hers again, his Adam’s apple moved slowly down, then back up. “For what it’s worth, I searched for you. Quiet like, so the press wouldn’t notice.”

“Oh, wow, that’s… Look, I really can’t talk about this now. I—”

“Knew you right away, even without your long hair.” How could he be touching her, running his fingers over her very short hair, right here in front of everybody? “Let’s get together, maybe tomorrow? I got something to tell you.”

I searched for you. Oh God. Her heart might stop if he said something else like that. Or if she didn’t get his hand off her.


The suite door slammed behind him, seconds before he vaulted over the sofa back and made an expert landing, then propped his feet on the coffee table and hands behind his head.

Bruce paused the Wii.

“Brades,” Larry drawled. “Welcome home. And where might you have loitered this fine spring day?”

This would blow them out of the water. “I got a job.”

Bruce blinked several times. “Job. Did he say ‘job’?”

“Yup.” Brady grinned. “At the supermarket.”

The guys howled with laughter.

“And.” He held up a finger. “Good news. While it’s true Cara is engaged, she has not yet set a date.”

Bruce whistled.

Larry said, “Dude.”

It went without saying that if Cara hadn’t set a date, then he had a shot with her.

“A job?” Predictably, Bruce still hadn’t got past the first topic.

Larry jabbed him with his game remote. “Dude. He got a job so he can hang with the chick! Dummy up.”

“It’s not just that. I never had a job before,” Brady explained. “Unless you count when I used to help set up for Mom’s gigs.” He’d only been fifteen then. Once he’d gotten his license and his own band took off, she’d been more likely to tag along for his shows on Friday and Saturday nights. “And that wasn’t a real job. How’m I supposed to relate to the Average Joe with my music if I don’t know what it’s like to be normal?”


The backs of his fingers brushed her neck and his thumb caressed her jawline.

She should move away. She should get up. Flee.

“You’re a really big person inside that little package, Cara. To sacrifice your dreams like that—”

She snorted. “Not really. I didn’t have a choice.”

“Sure you did. You weren’t underage. Your school was paid for. You could’ve refused. The fact that you wouldn’t consider that option is what makes you big.” His thumb grazed her chin, then skipped feather-light to her lower lip. “And you know what? I’d regret it for the rest of my life, if I didn’t at least try for you. For your heart.”

“You’re drunk.”

“Yep. And totally inexperienced at seduction.” His other hand traced her hairline, over her ear and to the back of her neck.

Damn good thing he was inexperienced. She trembled, fighting whatever force kept her glued to the bench when she should run. Maybe his breath blowing soft and warm on her cheek.

“What would you do if I kissed you?” Or the tickle of his words along her neck.

“Melt in two.” Oh God, she’d said that out loud.

“Cara.” He said her name like a holy oath and then his lips settled on hers, softer than his hands and warmer than his breath. And she didn’t run. Couldn’t flee. Wouldn’t move, not to save her life. He tasted boozy and wrong, foreign and forbidden, sexy and right. Hot. Absolutely necessary. She’d never breathe another breath without thinking of those lips, that exploring tongue. All the memories she’d refused to nourish came springing back, lush and healthy. God, she’d missed him. In that short time together, she’d loved him.

Maybe she did again.

“Baby,” he murmured against her cheek. “I’m gonna make you mine. Whatever it takes, I’ll make you mine again.”

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